Health policy

and organizational charter

of Jahan tahvieh Etemad

The health, safety and environment policy of the vice president of production

Vice President of Production including the production management of heating and cooling systems, planning, quality, as the largest and main production unit of Jahan Confiziation Etamad Company, in line with its ethical and organizational values, has considered compliance with HSE principles as an integral part of its strategic principles and Based on this, the strategic priorities of this vice-chancellor based on committed adherence to the requirements of ISO1401:2015 and OHSAS18001:2007 standards are announced as follows.

  • Adherence and commitment to all laws, standards and other valid national and international requirements related to HSE in accordance with the activities and services of this deputy
  • Leading and promoting risk-based thinking through the adoption of proactive approaches in the effective management of risk and opportunities in all deputy processes
  • Maintaining and improving the health of employees and the general public and protecting them from safety, health and environmental risks caused by the activities and processes of this deputy.
  • Providing green, safe and ergonomic facilities and equipment as well as maintaining them with the highest HSE standards in the stages of the responsible life cycle and in accordance with the activities of Jahan Confizit Etamad Company
    Promoting and developing the knowledge and culture of environmental protection, healthy and safe work culture, as well as expanding the responsibility and participation of all employees and stakeholders.
  • Continuous efforts towards excellence and achieving sustainable success in all HSE areas by ensuring the establishment, development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the performance of integrated HSE management systems in normal, change and crisis conditions.
  • The said policy has been reviewed in appropriate circumstances and duly informed to all the employees of Jahan Confizial Edemad Company and other interested parties and is made available to the public.


We believe that the optimal and effective establishment of the mentioned management systems depends on the participation of the employees and stakeholders of Jahan Vinhazi Etamad Company. Therefore, we ask each and every diligent and caring colleague to help this company in achieving the above goals by understanding this policy and providing constructive suggestions to improve this policy.

Organizational charter of Jahan Tahvieh Etemad

The most important titles of the company’s quality policy based on the requirements of ISO 9001 2015 edition are as follows:

  • In this company, we want nothing but the best for our customers and colleagues.
  • With the effective management of resources and costs, while increasing the efficiency of investments, we create the necessary conditions for sustainable profitability in order to achieve the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.
  • We care about continuous communication, support and providing committed services to customers.
  • We implement responsible national and international standards in order to protect our customers and effectively.
  • Our main priority is to produce and supply flawless products and services in order to attract and improve customer satisfaction.
  • We are taking steps to increase profitability and develop new markets by developing and diversifying products through the use of modern technologies while increasing customer satisfaction.
  • By reducing waste in production while improving productivity, we provide the necessary conditions for timely delivery of products and satisfaction of the beneficiaries.
  • Creating multilateral partnerships with partners and the supply chain is an inseparable principle in advancing our goals at the national and international levels and creating values for the beneficiaries.
  • With the creativity and active participation of the employees, we are interested in the development of the company’s human capital through increasing the knowledge, motivation and satisfaction of the employees in order to improve the quality.
  • Sustainable profitability, optimizing costs and maximizing the use of assets in line with cost management
  • Increasing market share and customer satisfaction
  • Improving the society’s mental image of the company
  • Innovation in technology and operational processes in line with innovation in products and processes
    Adherence to social responsibilities
  • Timely and quality production in order to increase quality
  • Improving production efficiency
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Alignment of systems, processes and organizational structure with strategies
    Competence development of employees

It outlines the desired future and states what the company would like to achieve.

This company is the choice of customers that provides up-to-date and environmentally friendly products in domestic and foreign markets with value creation, sustainable profitability and relying on the commitment, knowledge and skills of its colleagues.

The mission describes the current state of the company’s business and mainly focuses on the current capabilities of customers and activities.

The organizational mission of producing quality ventilation systems using appropriate technology and productive and learning human resources with an emphasis on value-creating processes and respect for the interests of stakeholders is parallel to our company’s product portfolio.

Values are long-lasting and basic belief principles of a company. The core values of Jahan Vinhati Etamad Company can be used as a basis on which to formulate policies.

Values describe how company managers and employees should conduct themselves and conduct business and what kind of organization they should create to help the company achieve its mission.

Organizational values: In this company, with the belief and commitment to the principle of sustainable development in the path of excellence, we value learning, creativity and teamwork and focus on adding value for the customer and other stakeholders in compliance with environmental, safety and social issues. We are responsible.

A tool by which long-term goals will be achieved and potential actions are considered that require the support of senior management and are large amounts of company resources and are usually future-oriented.

Strategies: It is a comprehensive plan that shows how the company achieves its directional pillars.

The strategy maximizes the competitive advantage and minimizes the lack of competitive advantage.

Company strategies: (production)

Institutionalizing lean thinking in all processes of the value chain and minimizing the consequences of operations on health, safety and the environment.

Acquiring technical knowledge and technology transfer in cooperation with reliable business partners and first-tier suppliers in line with the product portfolio based on common products and emphasizing dimensional parts.

A measurable value that shows how effectively the company is achieving its key business goals. Companies use key performance indicators at several different levels to measure their success in achieving those goals. .

Key indicators of production assistant:

Rial cost of unplanned waste
Realization of the production plan
Unplanned lost production originating from the production vice
Inconsistency in the consumption of materials and parts in the salons
The shelf life of products in the production process is under the responsibility of the vice president of production
Operational plans

The levels of strategic management of the company and vice president of production